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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nearly Half way through the season.

Sorry i haven't written for so long. What started supposedly as a rest has turned into an extremely busy few months.

Chelmsford Ladies 1's are playing better hockey each week and grounding out some results. We had an extremely good start to the season with a win away to Leicester which unfortunately followed with a few poor games and annoying results. But we've been learning as a team from our new coach - Simon, and things are coming together more each game. In fact at times we are playing some very exciting hockey - you should come and watch to see!

I've personally been frustrated with my hockey for the past few months, after our intial rest i had an injury then played a little and then fell ill! so fingers crossed i'll get a full game in on Saturday! against Ipswich. Frustrating for me and for the team i can imagine.

We need a win from our last game going into the christmas break. We are away to Ipswich on Saturday at 2pm (i think).

On our return from the Christmas break we go straight back into Indoor the favoured game at Chelm!

Have a lovely Christmas all.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday 10th October

England 2 Germany 1

Back home now and getting back into the swing of a normal life albeit for a few weeks!

We were really pleased with our game against Germany. We played very well and worked as a unit.

Ginge gave us the lead in the first half having soaked up quite a lot pressure from the Germans. Then just before the end of the first half i found myself in an acre of space with the ball at the top of the 'D' and smashed the ball into the goal, Rachel Walker from Olton helped my strike into the goal with a deflection over the line so a great team effort. Katy Roberts kept us in the game in the second half with a penalty stroke save so in all it was a great game for the Chelm girls!

It was frustrating to see the Spanish smashed by the Argentinians but equally as satisfying. The Dutch won the final as predicted and rightly so. They are number one in the world!

Watching the final and medal ceremony gives you so much motivation to continue training so hard i want to be there!

We have a few weeks break from hockey whilst the National League starts but we'll be back before you know it.

The last night proved to be a good night out and we all enjoyed letting our hair down finally but after little alcohol for 6 months or so it certainnly proved to be a cheap night!!!

Stay tuned for Chelm updates - Tufty is it posisble to archive this and get a new blog up and running for the league?

Take care all, many thanks for your messages - keep them coming.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sat 07 Oct England 0 Japan 2

Now we are just left wondering - when will we learn?

Danny has been consistently telling us its the little things that make the difference between being in the Worlds top 6 and not, and its these little things that are slipping by. 1 goal sat between us and a semi-final now we are straing at a best place of 7th. Which we have to take, and have to ensure a good performance. I want to walk out of this tournament proud as possible to have given everything even when the chips were down. Its about taking as many points as possible from the tournament and about our performance as a team and as individuals. What we can learn from one game till the next and who has the emotional stability to get it right.

So we play Germany again tomorrow.

The Japanese game we´d have won if it went on posession. But what did we do with that posession? Nothing that set the world on fire! There was the difference the Japanese took their chances. They could have had another couple of goals if it wasn´t for the brilliance of Katy Roberts in goal who made two crucial saves in the first half.

There is talk of us ´not turning up for the game´apparently, i certainly didn´t view it like that. The first half we imposed our game on them as asked of us. We had a lot of posession but simply didn´t create from that posession. We made a view glaring errors which gave them some clear cut opportunities which Katy kept us in the game. The second half started as the first but Japan broke through our defence and once again we were on the back foot we could only then look to throw everything forward. The Japanese defended execeptionally and all we could do was keep trying. By throwing all we can forward we left ourselves open to penetration which the Japanese took. So critics may say we didn´t turn up for the game i´d argue with that statement but say we need to work on more aspects of play before we are ready to take on the Worlds Best Teams again.

I´m still very excited about the future we are improving all the time and we are learning from every experience and thats what counts from now!

Thanks for all those messages (Steve, Emma, Hayles, Hils, Nick etc..) i´ll keep my blog running for Chelm so please stay tuned!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday 5th October England 1 Spain 1 Gutted!

Hi all, thanks for all the comments again and thanks for your positive vibes.

Well what can i say other than - GUTTED! Sorry I didn't write yesterday i hope you weren't looking for my write up! I really wasn't in the mood last night.

I can't write about the game i'm afraid i really dont have the energy or desire its one of those games that i wont forget in a hurry but wish i could!

Its now all about finishing in the top 6 as we orginally set out to do and that means beating the Japanese tomorrow so onwards.

Please please keep those positive thoughts and vibes coming we still need them.

Sorry to be short and brief.

A gutted but positive about tom

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday 3rd October England 1 Germany 0

So Olmpic Champions 0 England 1. A great performance by us that gives us the necessary three points to keep us in the running for a Semi-Final Spot.

We have to make sure we take three points from the Spanish game tomorrow to get into the Semi-Final of the World Cup.

The game today was really good, a fast hard tough battle but very enjoyable. The first few minutes were very tense and we were a little tentative. We won a penalty corner early on which I was having to inject - thankfully my first injection was accurate although i had to retake as the Germans ran out too fast, the second was again accurate but again the Germans ran out too quick at which point their number one runner gets a green card (a warning) and i also get shown a green card. The first time i push out in a proper international match and i get a green card for holding (apparently!) oops! The third i was so worried about holding i took too quickly and pushed it all wrong which resulted in a 90yrd sprint for me back to defend. I was mighlty annoyed but i'd get my chance again. Germany then won their first corner which we defended well. I got into a little bit of a tussle which i have to say really wound me up so I retaliated a bit and not surp[risingly Danny took me off soon after. He let me cool off on the bench for 5 minutes or so and then i was back on to rest Helen Richardson at CH. Whilst i was off the pitch the Germans got another penalty corner and Beth Storry made an awesome save which the rebound fell to a German girl - Mel Clewlow (canterbury) made a diving save to stop the girl putting the ball into an empty net. A key moment.

So at half time it was 0-0 the second half started and we were immediately into attack and won a penalty corner i was injecting again and this time no card! it was accurate. Crista Cullen drag flicked teh ball at goal. Both Lucilla Wright and I were there to follow in. Lucilla managed to scoop the ball into the back of the net only to hit a German girl on the line., A penalty stroke was given. Helen Richardson cool as a cucumber stuck it into the back of the net. We continued to have many attacks and we also defended like our lives depended on it. The minutes dragged out but gradually the time depleted and we'd won 1-0.


So now onto the Spanish.

You all must have been sending thouse vibes so please please please keep them coming.

And to anonymous who doesn't know me thanks for your comment it was very much appreciated. Glad you are enjoying watching and enjoying the blog.

Thanks to all those who leave messages.

With love from Madrid,